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Lesser Known Facts About Parasailing

Speak adventure sports and parasailing makes it for the most preferred choice. The thrill and fun involved in this adventure sport makes it amazingly well-known amongst sport enthusiasts. However, despite parasailing being a well-known sport, there are a handful of facts about the same that remain unknown. Here are a handful of parasailing facts that are certain to leave you amused.

Though parasailing is considered to be a form of sport, it's in fact just a recreational activity. It is just meant to be a fun ride that can take off your daily stress and give you a brilliant time. The counterpart of parasailing i.e. paragliding is a sport activity. Nevertheless, regardless of which one you're heading out for , it's advised that you don't take your pet dog along due to safety issues.

Like any anti acne product is devised after thorough research and detailing; any recreational activity too comes into being after a great deal of effort and planning. While renowned skin care solutions like clearpores skin cleansing system was formulated after extensive research; parasailing came into being accidentally. This sport activity was accidentally discovered by Pierre Lamoigne in the year 1960s in an attempt of safe landing when he attached his parachute to his moving car.

An additional less known fact about this recreational sport is that it could be practiced in three ways- platform method, winch boat method and beach parasailing. Beach parasailing is considered to be the most adventurous and dangerous of all, owing to the fact that it needs you to take off from the beach front.

On the other hand, winch boat parasailing is regarded to be the safest of all methods. In this approach, both the launch and recovery of the parasailer start as well as finish on a boat deck. Platform method is fairly similar to beach parasailing. The only difference between the two is that platform method does not deploy too many steering instructions.

It is fairly obvious that people prefer landing on a safe region. Nevertheless, this is not the case with parasailing. In this recreational sport, the parasailer has to unhook himself/herself and then take a landing on water. This thrilling stunt is better called 'splashdown'. You could further enhance the thrill quotient and set the adrenaline pumping by performing activity in a team as well. After all, with a whole bunch of people splashing down together into water can be extremely thrilling and breathtaking.

So, haven't these lesser known facts about parasailing, heightened your curiosity about this recreational sport all the more? If yes, go ahead and give this sport an attempt. The thrill and adventure will absolutely leave you wanting for more.


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